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Simpson Me

I’m so smokin’.

Got home Sunday morning at 6:45 am and then proceeded to sleep off an on all day. I think I got a souvenir chest infection or something from the caverns or Rock City. I say that because one has to handle the handrails and the rocks to keep upright, and short of rinsing in scalding water, you’ll just have the germs. In reality it’s probably just the drastic change in temperature. The allergy meds knock it right back to where I can breathe. I’m probably flaking over nothing.

Friday night we were driving from Atlanta to Nashville and stopped off in Chattanoga to catch the last home game of the Chattanooga Lookouts. After the game we thought we’d make Nashville, but the torrential downpours made driving practically impossible. I’ve never seen constant lightening strikes before. It was terrifying and beautiful. We ended up pulling off in Murfreesboro because the roads were flooded and construction too I-24 down to one lane. The next morning it was as if the rain never happened, and we left by checkout time.

One thing about “continental breakfasts” – they don’t exist. Stale donuts, bitter coffee and watery orange juice don’t make a breakfast, so please stop advertising them as such. Not one of the places we stayed had anything remotely appetizing, so we settled on the old standby of Waffle House.

Wanted to see the Bell Cave on Saturday, but they were closed due to the lingering drought. Not easy to find at all if you don’t have proper directions. Would have been nice if the closure information had been on the website. Had to drive all the way there to be greeted with locked gates. I was told on the phone that as soon as the drought broke they’d be open again, but didn’t rightly say when that would be. It was a little irritating to say the least. I did buy some souvenirs in the antique mall but it wasn’t the same. Perhaps next year.

Didn’t see nearly everything or everyone we wanted to see, (which reminds me, I owe you a call, Jessie). Spent time at the sister’s until about 8ish, and then drove straight through to home, stopping to eat, gas up and pee. Taxing to say the least, which is why I spent most of Sunday sleeping. My head is still clogged from the mountains but I can breathe again really that’s the important part, right?

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  • oleblue
    September 2, 2007 - 7:53 pm

    A real “continental breakfasts” is a thing of the past.

    You are always smoking hot to me.

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