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This is my answer to “SHARE AND LIKE THIS RECIPE TO YOUR TIMELINE SO YOU’LL ALWAYS HAVE IT” because honestly, who does that? Don’t we print recipes or bookmark them in our browsers. Is there a Recipe Tab on Facebook I am unaware of?


I’m not going to rant about the theft of copyright  and lack of citations whent those recipes get shared. I’m not going to complain about the other posts on those walls that give hints and tips and links (they seem to remember the links in those posts) on how to lose weight, after you’ve eaten several helpings of the Banana Poke Cake.

None of that, please.

I would to propose a Recipe exchange – an honest to God recipe exchange where you send your favorites to me and in return, I send you a lot of recipes from other like-minded folks on honest to goodness recipe cards that you can file and keep or share with others.  Are you interested? You bet you are!

Here are the deets.

What I need from you:

3 Recipes:

  • 1 – Appetizer
  • 1 – Main Course
  • 1 – Dessert

These can be handwritten or printed out on separate Recipe Cards (1 dessert, 1 Entrée, 1 Dessert) no larger than a 4×6 – the size that would fit in a recipe card box what would set on your fridge. Front and back is fine for as many cards as it takes, just number them or use some clever way to keep them together. If it’s a 4×12 card and it folds to 4×6  with ease (not some complicated origami), that’s perfectly fine.  The dishes don’t have to be themed or even go together palate-wise, just your favorite appetizer, entrée and dessert that you don’t mind sharing.

The point is you’re doing it. The better point is that you’ve made the dishes and you know they taste good. That’s the part I like.

You’ll take your three recipes and make copies of them – handwritten or printed on cards no bigger than 4×6 (see the note above about folding). The number of people who join will dictate how many copies of your recipes you’ll be returning to me, but for the sake of preparedness, let’s say between 6 and 10.

If we get many more than 10 I’ll break up folks into the groups.  Yep, that’s a lot of copies, especially if you’re handwriting them, but  this is where the wheat falls from the chaff. I’ve got lots of fun people  interested in this exchange (of course, I had interest in the Little Black Book and it’s never come back) so  and I want to make sure everyone that participates gets a nice variety. Obviously if less than 10 participate, I’ll be sad, but you’ll still have a nice grouping of recipes from those that rise to the challenge.

No, I won’t group all of the vegetarians or Gluten Free people into their own section. I don’t guarantee that you’ll love or even every recipe you receive, but it’s a chance to try something new.

I would like this to be based in meat-life, and as this is 2013 and I’m trusting you with my address, every card will have (at least) your First Name, Your City, and your blog/LiveJournal if you have one.  If you’d like to make friends, you can include your email address. You can add more information, like a brief history or a bio, as space allows. Want to plug your book or website, go nuts!

While I think it would be super neat if your recipes were something passed down from a relation or scryed from the bones of the dead, your favorite cookbook or bake of the box recipe is fine, just make an effort to cite your original source, even if you can’t remember exactly where you found it. I make a great sweet spicy carrot dish that I know I cribbed from Tabasco and one of my favorite recipes was adapted from the NYT.

What you will get from me:

If this works out the way I would like, you will receive several sets of recipes from other happy cooks. I want as many as I can get so there is no ceiling on the number of people that can participate. I will group them by course and you will have something real to make for dinner.

Deadline for signup is September 30. Deadline for cards to me is October 25. We should all have nice new packets of cards in our shiny mailboxes around November 15, in time for holiday gathering, open house potlucks, and general sloth.

I am the central Office, so everything comes to me, I will in turn, send everything back out. If you are interested, please send an email to this –> link  <– That one right there.

Serious inquiries only, no animals were harmed in the making of this post, any use of this exchange, in any manner whatsoever, will increase the amount of disorder in the universe. Although no liability is implied herein, the participant is warned that this process will ultimately lead to the death of the universe.

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