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I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share my time in Alabama spent digging into my past.

Now, I’m not a mysterious character, not by a long shot, and I wasn’t found on a church doorstep wrapped  in the bloody clothes of my murdered parents. I am, however a descendant of human beings who travels some, settled some, and traveled some more. They met spouses, lived in homes, buried loved ones, and got on with their lives. Children were born, they had children of their own, and new histories were created with each blessed birth.

My problem is no one wrote any of that down.

The hardest part of a genealogy hunt is the the research. For me, it’s also the most fun. I can sit at card catalogs and microfilm machines for hours I chase leads, sometimes down long dead-end tunnels, often doubling back for that one slice of information that ties two other slices together. Some days the going is good and the reward is immediate. Often, though, it takes months to make a connection – which makes the reward that much sweeter.

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