Don’t get excited (PJ). Okay, maybe a little…

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… but I’m starting the edits on IoS.

No really.  It needs a run through to make sure we haven’t missed anything or left any big gaping holes.  This is far from over because we still have chapter cleanup and there are some character directions I wouldn’t mind (at least) exploring. 

Considering RJ and I almost never talk on the phone, I’ll bet our communication skills rival those of most married couples.  Condensing of ideas into 160-character texts is both challenging and fun, and while it may take us a few texts to get the idea across, it gets done.   We can disagree, express disappointment, come to a meeting of the  minds, and come to a harmonious compromise.  Except the discussion about making Daniel a girl.  Sometimes I have to put my foot down.  Collaborations can be tricky if you don’t have the right mesh of personalities. Lucky for me I, didn’t end up with a complete dick, despite his insistence otherwise.

So with twenty-two (22) chapters completed, or at least reviewable, out of at least 26 – probably more – we’ve got a good chunk ready for a serious run-through, which I’ll begin in earnest this weekend.  Standing on this hill, I can see the end from here.  It’s not close by any stretch, but from this height I’m given the illusion that I can practically hold it in my hand.

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