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Yeah, yeah, I owe a ridiculous post, but I’m in the middle of something.

Recently I re-discovered Cardcaptors, which is something I got caught up in during it’s brief American incarnation and as I tend to do, I got a little fixated.

On Kero-chan:


I know,  he’s so cute and sweet, your teeth are falling out!

(okay, for the people going WTH, when he’s in his full form, he’s Keruberosu, or Cerberus, and he’s a great lion with wings, all Guardian-like, but when he’s just chillin eating sweets and playing video games, he’s a wee little lion with wee little wings.  Got it? Good)

I wanted him as a keychain, but as my money clip has never been one to fall in line with my obsessions, one cannot be found, and I’m not paying some collector extortionist money for a plush one.  So, I’m crocheting one!

I found a pattern here and he’ll look a little something like this, except –

I hate the wings.  I’m an amigurumi nut as it is, and one of my biggest stumbling blocks has always been finishing – like sewing the arms and legs on.  The last thing I wanted was felt wings. Besides, I don’t have felt.

So in my quest to never actually finish a project (his arms, legs, head and tail are waiting patiently for me to  finish his body) I decide I want to crochet the wings.


I think I’ve got the one wing down:

Not the actual colors, I just didn't want to use my good white on something that might could suck.

But I haven’t a clue how to mirror it, except maybe a crab stitch, except I don’t know what that is. So I’m reaching out to my fiber arts friends who crochet:

It’s started as a 6 sc in a magic ring, typical 2 sc increase, 1sc 2sc increase,2 sc 2scs inc and then ro the top of the big wing – Chain 18, sc back, sl st  – wait – I’m not writing that out.

Anyway, how do I mirror that spiral in the center to make it go the other way? Can I do that with a crab stitch? Am I better off starting at the bottom of the wing and working my way to a decreasing spiral?

Am I over-thinking something that will probably just sit on my desk and collect dust?

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