CONvergence 2011 – Tomorrow is now Past (Part I)

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This past weekend, I found myself once again in the company of people I consider second relations, like hillbillies you only acknowledge when you need a transplant. Science Fiction is not my first love, not like Horror, but none the less, these are my people. These are the kinds of people who can work the Heisenberg Compensator into a memory exercise.  You cannot help but be a wee bit awed.

CONvergence 2011
Image © Marcus Metropolis

From July 1 through July 4, 2011 – I attended panels, story slams, and room parties, all while averaging about 2.5 hours of sleep a night.

The theme this year was Tomorrow Through The Past, which implied a Steampunk theme.  You don’t have to be fluent in steampunk to know that there was a lot of unfortunate corsetry that weekend.

Thursday was about scoping the place out, as neither myself nor my host had much going on until later. I did take my first ride on a scooter (not to Bloomington), courtesy of my host, Rob Callahan, and it was simultaneously the most terrifying and zen experience I’ve ever had. I remembered to breathe, not jerk my head, and look cute all at the same time. We both survived.

He had way more going on than I did, so I dressed in my corsets (you know, to show them how it’s done) and did my best to stay out of the way. Over the course of the weekend, I renewed acquaintances, avoided stalkers, and drank a lot of water. When I wasn’t looking for the bathrooms, I was making myself comfortable in the TARDIS Tea Society room, drinking tea and Port and eating biscuits while watching Doctor Who.

I had drinks with the Third Doctor:

Third Doctor Photo © Jason Weberg

Minneapolis decided to have a heat advisory while I was visiting. Sleeping was uncomfortable and clothing was a necessary inconvenience. I was a trooper and wore my pretty corsets Thursday – Saturday. I even wore it to the KHP Publisher‘s Party. Following this tweet, I was eaten bloodless by mosquitoes. Seriously, like 27.

Funny story: I was staying with RJ and his lady, Nancy, and before we crashed for the morning (it was about 4:40am Saturday when we turned in for a few hours of shut eye) I called first shower at 7:30am. I figured both RJ and I had panels at 9:30 and it takes me forever to get ready, and a early shower would help with the brains. Needless to say, no one’s alarm went off and the only reason I opened my eyes was because their dog, Talyn, stuck his nose in my ear.  Somehow we made it only being 5 minutes late. I had a panel with one of the Guests of Honor, Cat Valente, discussing Fairy Tales and not only was she impressed I was wearing a corset at 9:30 in the morning, but moreso that I laced up in the car.

Following panels we had at breakfast and I sat alongside Sharon Stiteler who noted an extreme change in RJ’s dress.

Some people somewhere have pics of me dressed in my finery, but I don’t know who those people are.

Sunday I was mostly unsupervised and I bought a tail.

CONvergence 2011
Photo Credit © Marcus Metropolis

I saw a Weeping Angel, Dr Jones and a wee Indy, and a Kaylee and Capt. Mal. I should have taken my good camera, and I didn’t figuring I didn’t have enough room. The costumes this year were amazing and next year promises to be an exercise in restraint.

The 2012 theme is CONvergence: Wonder Women, a Celebration of Female Creators and Characters of Science Fiction.  It has been suggested I dress as Tia Dalma for at least one of those days, so at least I have something to obsess over until then. There may also be a Lucy/Nyu, but I have year to consider it.

That’s all I can remember for now.  There were other smaller events that were very nice and very generous and I’ll write those up another time. I did want to get the bulk of the weekend out of the way, however, and now I have. Thanks again to my hosts and my host City for a wonderful time and I’ll see you next year.

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  • Skulleigh
    July 9, 2011 - 3:53 pm

    Oh man, the theme for next year sounds awesome. I really really want to go to a comic or sci-fi con someday.

    • little black duck
      July 11, 2011 - 8:54 pm

      You *have* to go! Come to Michigan and I’ll take you to a few, it’ll be wicked!

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