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I’d like to tell you that I’ve been busy working on my novels or submitting stories to anthologies, but my life sadly hasn’t been that flavor of crazy.

It’s totally been ANOTHER FLAVOR OF CRAZY – like a sour apple with raspberry sugar!

It was recently announced one of my short stories was being turned into a short feature film next summer. That was pretty much where my information ended until just last night when the casting calls officially went out.

Hence, I have been inundated with headshots, resumes and the fascinating histories of people interested in this production and my wee little tale. Couple that with the post Halloween sugar rush, and there were hours I literally felt like Kirk in “Wink Of An Eye” (without the shadow of forced breeding, of course).

So because I really am trying to move more of my posting here, I give you one of the Casting Calls posted for the project. Do not post your resume or photos here. read the casting calls and submit accordingly.  Auditions are next month, so check the submissions link to find out more.

Here are some highlights:

Casting and Crew Call for Austin. TX Independent Short Film “I Do This Because I Love You”
Additional locations: New Orleans, LA
Production start date: June 2
Shooting Schedule: One Week
Production Wrap Date: June 8, 2012
Producer: M. Stormer, C. Samudio
Writer: M. Stormer
Director: M. Stormer
Production Company: littleblackduck in association with Looknow Productions

Synopsis: A love story of the macabre. A lover resurrects his girlfriend with good intentions but soon realizes that bringing someone back from the dead isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Email your Crew and Casting Submissions to: littleblackduck@montileestormer.com

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  • Nickolaus Pacione
    November 10, 2012 - 10:08 pm

    Now I know another movie I can avoid — I am not going to support a total b**** in the business when I’ve been nothing but respectful of you when we were part of the International Order of Horror Professionals. I got some momentum and I need to be respected for it. You don’t have anything in a museum, well I do — and you’re a d**n b**** and a c*** for taking a shot at me and calling me out of name. I am the last person you want to be insulting in public and I wish that The Rusty Nail drowned in Hurricane Sandy because I would gleefully take a sh** on her grave,

    • little black duck
      November 20, 2012 - 1:37 pm

      Watch your language, Nickolaus. You may not care who reads and comments on your blog, but I care who reads and comments on mine. I won’t have you disrespecting me or mine if you want to be allowed to continue to comment – you hear me?

      “Momentum” doesn’t deserver respect. Any rock can gain momentum getting kicked down a hill, but as it was just sitting there, the rock doesn’t deserve praise. What you want is respect, but you don’t get respect by being a bully, you don’t get respect by making crude threats, and you sure as Heloise don’t get respect by stomping into someone else’s house and taking a dump on their carpet. Untrained animals do that, things that are rabid, feral, and dirty.

      I don’t find you particulary clever or worthy of too much more than pity. Whether or not you support me has never kept me up nights, Nickolaus, however you can do the respectful thing and apologise to my readers for your salty language.

      I don’t expect you to, however. You acting like a human being that deserves anything more than a kick downhill is a little hgher than my expectations allow. You found your way over here, I think you can find your way out.

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