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Irreverently Serious – The Boobies are Back


Everywhere, USA

Six years of tradition has the blogger community sharing, and baring, their chests for the best reason they can think of – fighting cancer.

That’s right, the racks are back Oct. 1-8 and they’re committed to raising more than $10,000 in one week by unveiling Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. That’s right, we’re saying it, BOOBIES.

“I love the idea,” says Melissa Connolly, 2007 coordinator, “If someone’s going to ogle my goods, they can at least make a donation to save boobies and lives!”

No one ever said that bloggers were afraid of expressing their opinions or sharing their ideas. Those are the very catalysts that make blogs the influential medium they are today. So when a joke between friends turned into an empowering fundraiser and awareness-raiser bloggers nationwide signed on. And they’re saddling up again for another wild ride in 2007.

In an effort to gain donations for breast cancer research, hundreds of women and men are donating images of their chests for ogglers world-wide to check out. Generous donor bloggers are seriously strutting their creativity in both the clothed and bared arena on boobiethon.com.

As you all know and eagerly anticipate (much to my mother’s chagrin) I will be once again participating in the Boobie-Thon, because I can and I want to. Again there will be articles posted by “feminists” claiming that we are being exploited because of our beautiful racks, to which I say – “shove it, sister.” I love how I should have the right to do what I want and at the same time be made to feel ashamed of what I want to do.

Not this year, not last year, not the year before, etc… Seriously, if you don’t want to look at pages and pages of boobies, don’t. You’ll jam up the bandwidth for those that do.

We are in a rough economical climate and donations are down across the board, however that doesn’t stop Cancer from claiming lives of the men and women we love.  Please dig as deep as the fifth pocket of your jeans for change or whip out the credit card for some serious giving.  The Boobies are calling, and you so want to be there.
Beginning October 1 and running through October 8, 2007: stop by – oogle, admire, and donate. We want to crack $10,000 this year, and we can do it with your help.


Who’s girls are coming out to play this year?

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