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When you hear of the “tragedy” that is Sean Taylor, do you also think “scam gone wrong”? Do you think that perhaps Sean should have gotten his family out of the house until the “intruder” was captured after the first “threat” of a knife left ON HIS BED? That maybe he should have been traveling with his team for moral support instead of chilling back at his Miami home? That the intruder, if the individual was actually a threat, should have aimed a little higher than the thigh? “I’m not gonna kill you, just maim you a little until you get the vague message I’m sorta not sending.” Gambling? Mob? Gangs? A life and trouble he should have left behind when he decided to take responsibility for his fiancé and new baby?

Way too many loose ends on this to be “celebrating” the abbreviated life of someone who quite possibly had more money than sense.

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  • Molly (otterfire)
    November 28, 2007 - 2:02 pm

    I agree. Q and I were talking about it lastnight. Not only do something when a knife was left on the bed..but you don’t take a machete to a possible gun fight.

    OH…also, I have something I saw on a real estate blog about getting paid for your work, I thought you would enjoy…(youtube at the bottom)


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