Beatty Shows Her Balls Are Bigger

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Beatty Shows Her Balls Are Bigger

So yesterday proved how much of a coward Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick really is.  His Chief of Staff and future co-defendant, Christine Beatty, resigned her position.  It was a short letter that pretty much read like the Microsoft Word template it was cribbed from which highlighted her achievements (sadly not including her bullying of police officers and having the Chief of the Po-po on speed dial) and apologized for the devastation the news reports caused her friends, family and the City of Detroit which resulted in the inability to do her job effectively.  Yes, Christine, the reports caused all of this misery, not you treating the Office of The Mayor as your own personal cash cow for romantic getaways with a married man and lying in a court of law.  Now for once I’m not going to call names here, though the impulse to do so is strong, because Beatty proved a few things, primarily that she has a shred of class.

First – she’s a bigger man than her lover.  While not admitting that anything that has happened was directly related to her, she’s at least taken action, more than traveling on the taxpayer dime to warmer climates.  She admitted that while embroiled in this current scandal she cannot do her job effectively, whatever that was.  Even when his former Press Secretary was arrested for domestic violence, a statement of apology was made in a manner of a few hours.  It has been six days since the text messages became public knowledge and Mayor McPump has traveled to Florida, traveled back from Florida less than 24-hours later, waved to cameras, and met with his expensive lawyers while cloistered inside the Manoogian Mansion.

Second – she gets it.  This is bigger than the two of them just having sex in while exotic locations like Denver or Cleveland.  This involves the ruination of careers and the deaths of two dancers.  Chances are, she’ll get to go to jail.  She hasn’t made a show of family or legal representation and at the same time completely understands that she’s been hung our to dry.  I’d like to say that Carlita had something to do with the resignation, but if Carlita was the strong woman close family friends say she was, she wouldn’t have had that Beatty woman anywhere near her husband.

I’m guessing the Mayor believes that if he hides out long enough, the people of Detroit will forget all about this scandal, much like most of them forgot about the scandals that dogged his career between 2000 and 2006.  The Citizens must love the man too much to hate him because he after all has the support of his pastor, and his wife and kids.  He’s waited six days and not one statement has come from him.  His office gives sarcastic remarks when it comes to media inquiries in regards to a statement.  I don’t know where his kids go to school but I can only assume they’ve been absent from class.  He can’t spin this as just an incident of infidelity because it’s lasted decades and involved courts, and judges and ultimately has cost the City nine million ($9,000,000) dollars.  There is no great economic news he can use to divert attention because already developers like Dave Bing have denounced what he’s done and Quicken Loans is considering halting plans to move into the City.  The mayor is a liar and a cheater and he’s currently the face of a City that is already too badly beaten as to barely be recognized.

The mayor says he like to be surrounded by strong women, but that clearly didn’t involve his long-suffering wife, so let’s talk about Carlita.  I don’t know much about her, other than she’s a stay at home mom to her three boys and is a conflict counselor for kids (what stay at home mom isn’t – am I right ladies!), and honestly I can’t find much on her, but let’s say she’s from humble beginnings.  She meets and marries an up and coming hot shot lawyer who’s headed for the House of Representatives in the State of Michigan and on the fast track to be the mayor of the one of the biggest cities in the United States.  He comes from a family of considerable political clout, and like all Black men, he probably promised to take care of her.  She probably met Beatty as one of her husband’s BFF and was probably willing to accept their uncomfortably close relationship so long as it wasn’t thrown in her face.  In 2007 there was (yet) another minor scandal involving the mayor and City funds where a trip was going to be taken to Hawaii and the mayor defended it as a romantic getaway for himself and his wife.  It was cancelled, almost costing as much taking the actual trip.  Rumors were abound that Carlita was upset about the mayor’s relationship with Beatty and he made whatever promises to her that were necessary to keep her from taking the kids and leaving.  Now here she is, a few scant years later and now everyone knows.  Everyone.  Most women married to politicos are willing to accept a certain level of discretion so long as it stays out of the public eye.  They don’t care where the bills get made or hands are shaken so long as they aren’t publicly humiliated.  Carlita has been humiliated.  She and her children are the ultimate suffers in this, as people are left to wonder why she let it continue.  Staying with him isn’t going to show the public her love and devotion, but rather her willingness to be the public smiling, vacuous face for an administration that can’t be trusted.

Her smiles will say to the Citizens of the City – “I still love him and trust him, why can’t you?  I stayed married after I knew about the affair that’s lasted longer than our marriage, and you voted for him twice. He promised to do better so let’s shield our eyes and listen to the soft music in our heads.”  She smiles at him and kisses him goodbye in Florida.  That’s all I need to see.

I’m not saying she’s clean.  We all remember the Navigator and the foundation upon which she sat on the board and watched money flow in to the pockets of everyone else but the kids it was intended for.  She collected a paycheck for that too.  She lives in a mansion that’s wholly inappropriate for a family of four and far too expensive for the City to afford.  She stays out of the spotlight and makes the kind of comments you’d expect from the nice quiet wife.  If she’s strong, it’s behind the scenes, which may count in some circles, but in the public eye means nothing. If she wants to be as strong as Beatty, she serve the bastard papers, take the kids and prove that having no man is better than a tripping over a lying dog.

So here we are at Day 6 and as of this writing, no official word from Kilpatrick.  No apology, no deflection.  Just a tired wave from a scared little man who looks around and doesn’t see the strong women he’s supposedly surrounded by, because he’s done everything he can to push them away.  He’s repeatedly betrayed his wife and called his lover a whore.  Not even his mama is defending him, and Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick never misses a chance to ghetto it up for the City in defense of her baby.  In fact, all of Lansing has been strangely quiet.

One thing I’d like to ask both Carlita and Christine – was the sex really that good that you couldn’t walk away from it, or are you both such empty deluded women that you honestly thought a man like Kilpatrick was worth sticking it out for despite the hell he put you through?


Hang on – I need to amend this.  Sharon McPhail is the City’s Legal Counsel?  The Sharon McPhail who accused the mayor of trying to electrocute her (okay and then claimed the media made it all up regardless of the video of her pointing to “exposed wires”)?  Okay, it’s becoming clear now – these aren’t strong women.  These are women in strong roles and positions of power ultimately being cowed by a man because they think he loves or cares for them.

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  • Black Joe
    February 3, 2008 - 9:26 am

    This is all very crazy and hilarious!!!! So I take it that some folks believe the mayor will serve some hard time for knowingly willingly and habitually lying to the public and especially under OATH…………….

  • littleblackduck
    February 3, 2008 - 1:57 pm

    All we can hope for, Joe, is that he’s held accountable for his actions. Honestly, I could care less that he’s sleeping around. I’m pissed that he continues to siphon off what little resources the City has so he can bang his way around the country. I’m pissed that good policemen were fired for doing their jobs when this City needs dedicated officers.

But how do you really feel?

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little black duck
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