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“You haven’t written in your blog in a few days.”

“Yeah, I’ve been writing mostly one person blogs.”

“One person blog?”

“You know, when you write a blog but instead of posting it you just email it to one person?”

“Beth… those are called ‘letters.'”
(context is for the weak)

Julie – I owe you a letter.  I know. I suck.

I love writing letters, even though I really, really suck at actually sitting down to write them.  Handwriting letters is a fun challenge since I don’t exactly have  the best handwriting and my thoughts are rarely linear.  Outlining a personal letter – yep, I need to be that anal.  Otherwise be prepared to navigate the stream of conscious rambling that is my usual mode of thought.

Be warned – I get lost, too.

I like to include stuff in letters – pictures, weird bits of detritus I find while looking for a stamp.  I like an excuse to use the post office because I like getting mail that isn’t a bill or a summons to appear in court.  I like saving envelopes with  other people’s addresses on them, always neatly written out, because it has my name on it and I love the idea of someone sitting down to write out my name.

It’s like a little incantation.

I joined Beth’s LJ a few weeks back.  Beth is Amanda Palmer’s Personal Assistant, and I became aware of her while reading another blog of awesome.  There is a post of a picture of Beth listening to Neil Gaiman read something he’d written for Amanda’s album, and the look on her face transcends joy and happiness.

It’s a look of contentedness.  It’s a look that says “I’m right where I’m supposed to be and boy, does this rock.”

That’s a great smile.

So that’s why I’m stalking Beth (because she has a great blog to go with her great smile), and that’s what made me think I owe Julie a letter.  I think I’d like to write more letters, since none of my Little Black Book projects have ever returned to me.

Who wants a letter? Just me and you and some stationary. I’d like to do this too,  but my luck with sending stuff out hasn’t been good at all.  I’d do it with a select few, though.

Who wants to play?

(yes I’m doing her keything too – sounds like loads of fun, yes?)

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