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And thusly, Neil Gaiman spake:

I’d like to ask a small favour of those of you who have read down this far. Would anyone reading this, anyone with a blog or a website that is, mind linking to the last post with the link text Penn Jillette? Given Penn’s recent rant about the power and ubiquity of this blog on his radio show, I’d like to mess with his head just a little and see if we can actually google-bomb it so that that entry shows in the top few entries if you google Penn’s name.

Therefore (and I do this of my own free will, not because it is such a geeky thing to do and I seem to be all about the geek these days):

Penn Jillette

I could not ever refuse an Englishman.

By the by – don’t tell Penn – it’s a s00per sekrit!

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  • John Donald Carlucci
    February 5, 2007 - 8:55 pm

    Off topic
    Have you listened to the soundtrack to American McGee’s Alice yet? GREAT stuff to write to I tell ya.


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