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We’ve spent two wonderful days in Marietta, GA and it’s time to hit the road again.  I can’t believe it’s Friday.

The last two days have been blessedly uneventful, save for wonderful walks, relaxing conversation, and marathon shoe shopping – not for me, however.  I like shoes, but I don’t *get* the shoe-thing.

Very little writing has bee done on this trip and I feel bad about that, but I think I can get past that guilt by tackling Chapter 15 of Isle of Shadows (you’ve described it, now I’m gonna to make them feel it).  I just need to print it out so I can work on it on the way back to Chattanooga.  Then it’s on to Nashville and then home.

I will try to hit you Jessie, but I think we’re scooting up through Indiana to avoid 75.  I’ll call you this evening (yes, I saw you called but I’ve only just found my charger).

Can  anyone recommend music for the road?  I found myself The Triplets of Belleville soundtrack, and I suppose I can just listen to some of RJ’s mixtapes, but something new and fun would be nice.

Let me see them.   Make me dance.

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