An Open Letter to WDIV Editors

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I’ve tried overlooking the obvious, but when it repeated

I get it – you’re all about posting the story first and adding details later, but when did news become such a throwaway commodity that basic language skills turned into effort?

Your articles have typoes in them. Lots of them. The kind that any spell-check would catch, or at least a second glance before submitting. What’s more bothersome, these articles don’t have a byline, just a random Loval4 e-mail address where maybe someone might see it and do something, but I’m not holding my breath.

I don’t know who writes the articles, and I understand they are written at a certain level so many people can read and understand them, but writing for a Fourth Grade level doesn’t mean writing like a Fourth Grader.


Let’s see some screenshots:

First, there’s so much wrong with this sentence, I don’t know where to start.

It began as a confrontation between a bride-to-be and a store employee that eventually got out of hand, storeo wner Hekmat Putruss told Local 4. 

The spelling error over two words caught my eye before I even read the article.  Seiously? The word “eventually” is extraneous.  Confrontation aren’t “eventual” things.

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