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Like many people who have blogs with tracking features, I like to keep an eye on what brings people to my blog and website.  I like to see what links they follow, what sites they visited first and what keywords brought them over.

In the past my biggest draw was a series of blogs I did on the late Suzanne Wangler, a local reporter who took her own tragic  life life a few winters ago. Checking the Dashboard there have also been variations on “little black duck”, “peach cobbler recipe” and “MontiLee Stormer Nude” (you’re welcome Rob).

It’s nice knowing the things I have a passion for resonate with others, even if it does boil down to ego surfing and sparring with the intellectually less-fortunate.

Lately though the search strings have been decidedly single-minded.

People are looking for me.

The search strings are variations of my name (always a hoot to see), the name of the website, the url. And not just a few either – a bunch.  I still get referrals from Dave and Sidore’s site and Twitter and Facebook and my Blogger profile, but goodness, the hits from Ask Peter and Google are staggering (and oh yeah, must be BoobieThon time again).

So thanks to everyone talking me up online and in meatlife, for those looking for me here, I hope everything you see is satisfactory – or at least nearly what you expected. Things are settling down and I’m back  the swing of writing and editing, so there should be more here. *Should*. Heh.

Quick tab closing:

I believe I can officially announce this now, but my story Flytrap is slated to appear in the April 2010 issue of Necrotic Tissue. Let’s help keep fantastic magazines alive with a subscription – which will ensure the issue I’m in arrives at your door!

Speaking of the BoobieThon – they have their own Facebook page now. Keep abreast of all the titillating excitement.  Yeah, I’m done.

Those of you anxiously awaiting the Little Black Book in your mailboxes can give the mail carrier a break until Sept 1. With so many people skipping off onto vacation and moving and such, I though it best until people sat still. It hits the mail Sept 7.

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  • Skulleigh
    August 27, 2009 - 10:01 am

    Thanks for the LBB update – I was thinking of asking you about the status on that! 🙂

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