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Since the anncouncement of the movie project, I’ve received a lot of mail and messages asking where previously published works can be found.

I’m sorry (and a wee bit proud) to say a lot of what’s been published is no longer available. I was fortunate to be accepted in small presses where a lot of care was taken to produce a quality product and, as those things go, limited print runs.

This is a list of what’s been published and where (if) it can be found. I suspect most are in the hands of private collectors or in cardboard boxes in basements.  If you own these, thank you. If you own all of these – well done. you scary person, you.

Click on the pics to be taken to the site (where available)

Erie Tales: IVFeaturing 2 stories, Caliente and Bloody Mary
Erie Tales III: Saturday Evening GhostFeaturing Made In


Necrotic Tissue #10Featuring Flytrap(sorry, Sold Out)

Black Ink Horror #5

Featuring Twas The Night
(Sorry, sold out)

Black Ink Horror #4

Featuring And On the Seventh Day
(Sorry, sold out)

Murky Depths #3

Featuring Suicide Bar

Black Petals #36

Featuring The Serpent Bearer
(Sorry, sold out)

Sinister Bedfellows Anthology

Featuring So Much For Love Potion #8

Bound #1
Featuring I Do This Because I Love You <– the one that started it all!
(Sorry, sold out)

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