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Did you see it last night?

Did you see the Mayor create sixty (60) minutes of a stirring speech of hope and promise of a better, brighter Detroit and then utterly destroy it in four minutes?

Did you see the packed auditorium of 2,200 hand-picked lackeys who clapped at every other mundane sentence as if they’d bothered to actually hear it?
Did you see the scared, frightened little boy on stage who tried to put on a show for his faithful with bravado and the n-bomb – because it’s so street to resurrect a word supposedly buried in a huge fanfare of lip-service.

But that’s what last night was about, right – lip service?   Look how  far I’ve taken you, said Mayor Kilpatrick.  Look how much work I’ve done for you.  See how important I am to the building of this City.  I’ll admit – his programs and proposals were impressive.  I was ready to set aside some minor differences and let Kym Worthy decide whether or not to prosecute.

Then he ruined it with an impulsive temper tentrum that called out City Council, the Media, and anyone else who didn’t agree with him by calling the last thirty days a lynchmodb of bigoted lies.

Really? You sleeping with anything that can’t crawl away fast enough is race-baiting?  Tens of thousands of text messages outlining reprehensible political and personal behavior are lies? The affidavit filed by a former clerk detailing your ghetto fabulous wife beating a stripper you invited to the mansion for a party only you believe didn’t exist is illegal?

Really? Does the Mayor honestly believe Detroiters are that stupid?  Oh yes.  He’s banking on it.  He’ll throw out buzzwords to whip the audience into a frothy mess but at he end of the day, the only he’s lying to himself and and increasingly smaller band of people who are too proud to admit they voted wrong, that they made a mistake, that he needs to go.  He still thinks he’s untouchable, and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has given him a few more weeks to hang himself.

And he will.  Allow me to toss out a few metaphors.
That scared little boy will bask in the bravado his self-created empire, strut around like he’s cock of the yard, and while his faithful will stroke his feathers and coo into his ear, more people will come forward and the axes will be sharpened.  Doctors and nurses on staff, police officers who’ve been given protection from retribution.  Once the element of fear is removed, and it’s emanating from a City that has always lived in fear, more facts will be revealed.

The man’s not stupid – he’s merely out-managing the situation.  While he’s trying to cover all of the bases, he’s missing the ground-rule doubles and the stolen bases.
This is a man who will say anything, do anything to get out of admitting to anything he’s done wrong.  He blames the media and the City Council for his problems, but they didn’t force him to lie under oath, to sleep around, to be a ripe bastard.
I too say no more.  No more, Kwame.   No more Kwame.  The best way to make this go away so we can move forward to to ge him out of office. Let him do what Former Governor Spitzer has done and step down so the City can get on with the City’s business and he can get on with the legal end of his personal business.
The City Council too has had enough.  They will probably not fully wait for the prosecutor’s decision, demanding this afternoon to see Kwame, Beatty, Sharon “Loony McLoon” McPhail, and the attorneys on the case. They want answers now and not even the Kwame faithful on the Council seem to want to let matters cool down. Kwame shot himself in the foot last night, and the wound may have been fatal.
It was pretty stupid to call out the President of the City Council like that, Kwame.  It was pretty stupid to undermine what would have been a fantastic speech by letting your emotions get in the way. However as one looks over your track record, stupid seems to be what you do well and with spectacular flair.

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  • bookfraud
    March 13, 2008 - 12:29 pm

    man, and i thought spitzer & co. were messed up. my experience is the smaller the stakes, the greater the tenacity of the disgraced politician. especially mayors.

    from my remote location, i knew that kwame was messed up, but this takes things to a new level. or low.

  • Mister Bachelor
    March 26, 2008 - 10:50 am

    Kwame Kilpatrick is a role model for all black men.


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