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This will be Epic.

So, in a few days, my better half BaseIsLife takes off on something reminiscent of climbing a mounting or base jumping from the St. Louis Arch. On the surface it sounds crazy and impossible, but like all incredible dreams it’s attainable with patience, perseverance, and a fantastic word not often used these days, Providence.

"They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, and inside a note from Christ saying He wanted to catch the Tigers vs the White Sox."

For 30 days, he will be traveling the United States, hitting 30 MLB ballparks – one a day vacillating between the American and National Leagues. In between counting pitches, noting Ks and soaking up what is still America’s Pastime, he’ll be soaking up America – Her highways, Her small towns, Her baseball fans. He’s going on an adventure, and he’s been planning this a long time.

When you set off on an Epic Journey, you need to learn patience.  My husband of 15 years, partner for 22, is not a patient man by nature.  It’s a learned skill for him, with a learning curve not unlike Joel Zumaya meditating on relaxing in the off-season. Planning an adventure requires a hurry-up and wait mentality. Send and e-mail, wait. Make a phone call, wait. The impulsive part wants to hop in the car and just go – but that way lies sweaty palms and madness.  So he plans and with patience, works out a schedule – several as it turns out – looking for the right days, when everything falls into place.

You shall know him by his hat - Los Tigres!

There have been a few setbacks in the planning stages, but my husband plans to the point of obsession. He has a Plan B for everything, because he knows that it can work if he just tries a little harder. It’s one of the things I love about him. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does – work, umpiring, domestic duties, me (heh). When he couldn’t get any business interested in being a part of the fun, he worked out how he could go it without them.  When his driving buddy decided he didn’t want to play, Doug worked out how he could make the drive safely without me worrying (excessively). When people were telling him it couldn’t be done, Doug kindly thanked them for their uninformed opinion, and continued to make his plans.  He’ll leave the haters and the naysayers behind and watch as they get smaller and smaller in his rear view mirror until they’re no more than retreating mile marker in the distance. There will be obstacles along the way, no adventure is without drama, but he’ll find a way to make it work.

And should an obstacle become simply too much, and even the Wanderlust Self realizes the Divide is too great, he’ll come on home, because in the end, an adventure is just as successful regardless of the completion, simply because it was accepted and begun.

He has a mascot, Humphrey the Camel, and Mr Bear and Andy Rooney Dog are awaiting the results of the Co-Pilot Lottery.  These are part of Providence – not merely luck or well-wishes, but the fulfillment of a dream that was meant to be. He has a story as to why he’s planned this trip, and it’s his to tell, so maybe we’ll have a chance to hear it fleshed out, but now feels like the time to set that dream in motion. And when he’s done – no matter how far he gets – he’ll have an amazing story to tell.

Andy Rooney Dog (with Pogo), demonstrating he can be a safe and careful Co-Pilot

We’ll get to follow along as it happens, from the beginnings on Thursday May 26, 2011, until the moment he pulls back into the driveway of our home. He’s got a blog you see (doesn’t everyone), and when he has a chance, he’ll let you know where he is and how he’s doing.  It’s called BaseIsLife (because it is), and he’d like it a lot if you stopped by and said “Hi” and wished him well.

I’m going to miss him and I’ll worry – but I’m so excited for him! How often can we embark on something epic doing something we already love?

If you’d like to be a part of his journey, or simply help him out, feel free to drop him or me a line. Comment on his blog, tell your friends and family. I’ll be manning Control Base from here, doing what I can to offer support and encouragement, and if you have any to spare,  I’ll be thrilled to pass along your words to him.

Success - he demands it!
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