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Recently the FCC rules that movie distributers could release a film simultaneously to theaters and DVD rentals. For people like me, this is fabtastic. Nno, I’m not disabled or housebound. I’m anti-social, and I hate people, and I despise the movie theater experience. Let me explain. Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth a I walked to school uphill bothways barefoot in the snow, going to the movies like a lot of other long-forgotten aspects of life was an act of civil entertainment. People sat in their seats, enjoyed refreshments and got involved in the movie experience while respecting fellow movie-goers. I think right around the time it became illegal to discipline one’s children did that change, and going to the movies for me became synonymous with my annual lady bits exam. It had to be done if I wanted to stay current, but I wasn’t going to enjoy the experience. I don’t go to the theaters anymore, unless in the company of people I think can control themselves.* It’s not worth it to me to spend ridiculous amouts of money to be in the company of people who can’t shut off their cell phones, not yell at the screen, to watch a movie In the interest of full disclosure, I did attend a screening of the reboot of Friday the 13th and for a group of over-35 horror buffs, we were far more obnoxious than the kids screaming it the front row.

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Just this fox. I'm a writer of horror and dark fantasy. I totally don't brag about it. The latter statement is an utter lie.
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