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For the last  month I’ve been wanting to do a CONvergence wrap up because I spent four fantastic days at in St. Paul, MN having the time of my life.  Im for the most part a Con-Virgin since “conventions” in the Metro Detroit Area are really glorified dealer rooms with very  little, oif any, programming. You’re basically paying admittance for the priviledge of shopping with people dressed like Klingons or Sailor Moon or Slave Leia (always a crowd pleaser).

It’s a reason the ones around here never interested me. Then I got involved in GLAHW and making an appearance on the other side of that dealer table cranked the intrest up a notch, but I still could take or leave them.

My first real Con experience was Dragon*Con in 2006 and while I had someone with whom to be astonished, the sheer number of panels ad activities was mind-blowing.  I’m fairly sure we skippid most of the interesting panels, settled on a horror movie and didn;’t really dive into th whole experience offered.

I’ve done Wizard World in Chicago a few times but again, a dealer room with special guests

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