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“Barbara Graham was born in 1923 in Oakland California – just across the bay from where she would be executed – in San Quentin’s gas chamber.”

Really – babies are born in San Quentin’s gas chamber?

Even though I haven’t beenputting pen to paper as  much as I really want to this week, I have been reading tons.

Wanted to share this tidbit with you.

As many of you kow I adore surfing sites and discovering new killers.  I like movies about them too, even though they tend to romanticize them quite a bit.

Websites also lean towards the sympathetic, as if there’s a reason every soul goes rogue, so those rational among you can stroke your collective chins thoughtfully and point to a specific reason Ed Gein preferred brunettes to blondes when it came to his salad bowl needs.

It would be nice however, if the websites in question were a little more well-written. I appreciate the hard investigating and the red fonts on black backgrounds (as we all know it makes it way spooky), but please People Who Stalk Serial Killers For Google AdSense run

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