#40DaysOfBento Day #7

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Briefly I’d considered doing the 750Words project, (or the same but different Morning Pages), where every morning you write until you’ve either completed 750 or 3 pages, depending if you’re writing on a computer or longhand. I say briefly because yesterday, as I lay in bed deciding whether or not to get up and be productive or lay about until the last possible moment (I was going to be late for work either way),a full scene opened up in my head and I watched it play out. It really was fun to watch. There was tension and drama and I could see the words and pictures as clearly as I was typing them out.

I was sure I’d remember when I finally got out of bed and got to a computer after I’d fed the cats and had a coffee and made lunch.

I didn’t. This is the unwritten story of my life because I can’t be arsed to get out of bed to write it down.

Of course, if I could find the motivation to get out of bed and write every morning, I’d find that same motivation to go to the gym every morning and to be honest, I have never been that person. I do struggle with the sitting down part of writing, but once I’m there, it’s all I can do to peel myself from the keys.

Anyway, on with the daily bento:

When I saw how I wanted to pack lunch this morning, I realized I needed the double-decker. There’s not much more food, but after cramming the udon noodles with the beef and spinach yesterday, as pretty as it looked, I figured I’d want a little more room to spread out.

Soba noodles and salmon teriyaki (this recipe will become a regular item because it’s so easy and tasty!), edamame, spinach and egg tamagoyaki (egg omlette), mini cucumbers.

(I always skip the sugar in my tamagoyaki because I like it more savory.)

#40DaysOfBento Day #7
#40DaysOfBento Day #7
#40DaysOfBento Day #7
#40DaysOfBento Day #7
#40DaysOfBento Day #7
#40DaysOfBento Day #7
#40DaysOfBento Day #7 The unfettered shot of glory
#40DaysOfBento Day #7
The unfettered shot of glory

What the what?

What am I doing?

For those just joining, this is my challenge for the next 40 days (Ash Wednesday until Easter). I document these (M-F) days leading up by making healthy lunches every day. You’ll know what day we’re on by how many Plastic Babies are present.

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