#40DaysOfBento Day #14

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I took yesterday off from making lunch, partly because of the time change and partly because I wasn’t feeling up to doing much of anything. I think my body runs better in DST, with natural light later in the evenings, but the adjustment takes a few days. I’m actually waking up earlier (4:30am) but I don’t get up, which means three hours later I’m scrambling to get out the door. I’ll get there *yawn* just give me a few days.

I bounced out without a lunch, only feeling marginally bad about it, but as lunch time rolled around I came to understand two things:

1 – I hate leaving my office for lunch. When I have to leave for lunch, my basic brain process requires me to think about what I want to eat, then second guess myself, then make a decision. I’ll go to my car and site in the parking lot thinking about the best way to get there – my office complex is ground zero for construction. I might change my mind twice more before getting onto a major street, and once I get there, there’s a line and indecision and the drive back, then disappointment. Lunch

2 – There is nothing to eat around here. By which I mean, for the 20 or so eating establishments, they’re either a hassle to get to, or I don’t really want anything from them, or they’re expensive.  Lunch out is never as good as lunch at my desk.

So I’m going to work really hard at not missing another day.


Rice, broccoli, chicken and mushrooms, sweet peppers, Babybel cheese, satsumaimo (Japanese sweet potatos), strawberries

Day 14_1
#40DaysOfBento Day 14


#40DaysOfBento Day 14
#40DaysOfBento Day 14
#40DaysOfBento Day 14
#40DaysOfBento Day 14
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