#40DaysOfBento Day #12

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I didn’t go shopping yesterday like I wanted to. I got home, removed my clothes, crawled into my pajamas, and flopped on the couch until I ordered pizza. Then I got dressed enough to be decent in public to pick it up. I got closer to completing a knitting project, I spotted a typo on one of my favorite Etsy sites and in informing the proprietress, came up with a new story idea.

I also watched an rather uneventful episode of CSI: Cyber. Doug asked me if it was as bad as he thought (he had the sense to read a book in another room), and the answer is yes. It’s jumpy and jittery, and the scenes were stilted and lacked emotion.

Because there is only so much you can do standing in front of a wall of TV screens while talking about things you can’t show. Here is the whole team, standing in front of a wall of monitors – the loyal but distant Team Lead, the gamer Second, the former king of the hackers now respected agent, the green but bitter hacker serving time in the FBI to avoid jail, and the chick who knows how to use Facebook really well.

There is something about Network television pilots that makes them think they need to stiffly lay every single character’s lives bare before we get into the story. It also means the story doesn’t have much to it so info-dumping passing as character development is padding. CSI: Cyber suffers from that and it doesn’t make the show any more watchable. I don’t care a whit about any of the characters and the premise is way to thin to support the ensemble cast.

I like Patricia Arquette, but they lobbed a softball series with a premise containing BABIES (I don’t even know where to start with that). Its houdl move to Lifetime so I can forget it exists. Look at past CSI Pilots and tell me what’s wrong.

Pilot for CSI (original): Team Lead, Dr Gil Grissom; Case: Murder, suicide, Robbery

Pilot for CSI: Miami: Team Lead, Lt. Horatio Caine; Case: Murder

Pilot for CSI: New York: Team Lead. Det Mac Taylor;  Murder, suicide, Robbery

Pilot for CSI: Cyber: Team Lead Murder, Special Agent Avery Ryan; Case – babies. Someone is stealing babies. but SPOILER she finds them and they all live happily ever after.

TV People: please stop giving women detectives babies and underage hookers to “connect with”. We’ve got CL murders, Facebook catfishing, and Twitter bullying, but you want to focus on babies, and a thin story line that included adultry, drug use, and a baby monitor network used by the underbelly of society.

I simply can’t.

It would work better as a radio program, because then you could talk and the dialogue would move the story along. Watching SA Ryan stare off into the middle distance while thinking about “The One That Got Away” is not compelling television.

It’s not.


When I woke up this morning (late), I remembered the cupboards were pretty bare and I lay there in a panic (to be even later). I know what I’m making for tomorrow, but for today, I really had to scrounge. Plus, because I lay there for so long, I let a lot of time lapse. It’s still a bento, and it has food a lot of people can relate to.


PB&J bunnies and flowers, cucumbers, grapefruit

#40DaysofBento Day #12
#40DaysofBento Day #12
#40DaysofBento Day #12
#40DaysofBento Day #12
#40DaysofBento Day #12 "whacha got there" "bwaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnss"
#40DaysofBento Day #12
“whacha got there”
#40DaysofBento Day #12 'sup
#40DaysofBento Day #12

What the what?

What am I doing?

For those just joining, this is my challenge for the next 40 days (Ash Wednesday until Easter). I document these (M-F) days leading up by making healthy lunches every day. You’ll know what day we’re on by how many Plastic Babies are present.

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