#40DaysOfBento Day #10

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I ran for the first time in a few weeks last night at the gym. I hate the treadmill, but I can’t run when it there’s a negative windchill and no one in the neighborhood bothers to maintain their property.

I’d decided early I wasn’t going to push myself or beat a time. I wanted to do a few miles, somewhere between 20-30 minutes and just enjoy the new mix I’d grabbed from Rock My Run. I really wanted to stop being so frustrated by being slow or winded.

I turned everything on – Map My Run (for the work Wellness Program), Nike+ (it’s my muse), and Rock My Run because music. I opted for the  Run the World mix which doesn’t get so crazy I feel like my heart’s going to explode trying to keep up but began and the nice steady pace I need to keep from falling asleep on the machine.  1/4 mile walk, 1 mile run, 1/4 mile walk, 1/2 mile fast run. It didn’t help me run my 2.04 miles in anything like a great time, but I’ve been telling myself that it’s not about the time, it’s how I feel after.

I didn’t feel great after, but I wasn’t dying either. I’ve got some inches to lose before I replace my summer wardrobe and I’m only a little embarrassed to say I’ve run the fabric on the inner thighs on a pair of my running pants to Swiss cheese.

Hell, thy name is “chub rub”.

I’m still in the hunt for the perfect mix to run to, and now that it’s pretending to get warmer so I can get outside, I’d like to nail that down very soon. Lots of choices with the Rock My Run app (not a paid endorsement) but I’m as picky about my music as I am about general running conditions.

I have to stop thinking in terms of time and think in terms of distance. I really want to run a 10K this year, and to do that I need to run more than three miles at a time. C’mon cloudy and 40°!

Also, can someone recommend ear bud tips/covers? I’m not looking to replace my LG Tone HBS-750 just yet, but the plastic covers are not conducive to sweating and running. I just want the tips to go over the earbuds. Thanks in advance.


Salmon teriyaki, bella mushrooms and asparagus, sweet orange and red peppers, grapefruit, cucumbers.

#40DaysofBento Day 10
#40DaysofBento Day 10
#40DaysofBento Day 10
#40DaysofBento Day 10
#40DaysofBento Day 10
#40DaysofBento Day 10
#40DaysofBento Day 10
#40DaysofBento Day 10

What the what?

What am I doing?

For those just joining, this is my challenge for the next 40 days (Ash Wednesday until Easter). I document these (M-F) days leading up by making healthy lunches every day. You’ll know what day we’re on by how many Plastic Babies are present.

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