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It’s been quiet around Casa Stormer the last few days.

I’ve been under the weather, and while I’m valiently fighting whatever it is with Walgreen’s bastardized version of Airborn and Vitamin B-12, being not well sucks. It makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning, much less do stuff and I’m incredibly fuzzy.

To add to the joy that is me, my apartment is rebelling. I do not know why, as we never discuss moving out where the apartment can hear us. The bathroom sink, always a never-ebding source for us, is clogged so far down the pope, not even my hand auger can reach it, and the plunger just brings up brackish, black water that slowly goes back down. I say slowly, but I mean it almost doesn’t. I already have to replace the p-trap and the flange, so what’s tearing a whole in the wall? The refrigerator has been acting up for over a year, with the compressor cutting off with a loud pout. The other day it got real loud and had a 45-minute tantrum.

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