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While it’s always sad to see a market close up and go away, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that Helix was folding.

We all remember helix, right?  Bigoted editor goes off half-cocked because sentiments he thought were just between himself and another bigot ended up being broadcast on the Internet, causing a backlash, an uproar, and finally now – a vacuum.

For the rest of you:  the fall issue will be the final issue of Helix.  As of
the end of this year the magazine will no longer exist, except as a fond memory.  (Anybody for whom the memory isn’t a fond one can blow me.)  This is a definite decision and will not be open to debate or persuasion, so please save us all a lot of mahoohah and don’t try to talk us out of it.

Seriously?  Did he just say that?  I understand how Helix may have been considered a premier zine, right up until the moment the editor put his foot into it and commenced to dragging it all over the Internet, but really – it takes a sack of

He announced in the beginning of last month that Helix was only meant to be a two-year experiment and it was time to move on.  He tries (withought any success) to state that this was in the cards all along and even has some writers back him up – writers that he continues to insult and call names. 

This is a baby throwing a final tantrum and it’s a shrill and grating as you can imagine. 

note on how they could pay writers yet asked peole to dig deep

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