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On yesterday’s late news, I heard a report on multitasking and how it’s essentially killing productivity. I initial scoffed, but realized, it was spot on. For me though, what I think I’m doing isn’t multitasking, it’s allowing myself to be deliberately distracted, either because I don’t want to do the current task, or think something more important should be done first.

This morning I made my daily list, longer because I was out for two days and plowed through the first five in the order I wrote them. Usually I glance at it and cherry pick that one’s I feel like doing and leave the rest for “later”.

Took less time than I thought, and half my list is done.

I multitask with writing, too.  I know what I need to finish, I pick what I think I want to work on, sort of work on it, and the harder, longer works get shoved aside.

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