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This is how I feel about murder for hire: Really? Can’t be bothered to get your hands dirty but you need the deed done?

Singer of As I Lay Dying,  a Christian metal band, decided that instead of addressing his estramged wife’s concerns about his mental state and ability to be a proper parent and roll model to their three adopted children, he would have her killed.Welcome to America, kids. Daddy is going to jail because he has issues with Reality and Responsibility.

“I can only really write about what I’m passionate about in life, so naturally my faith, my belief in the teachings of Jesus and His resurrection come across in our lyrics.” [cite via Wikipedia]. 

I don’t quite recall the passage where Christ endorses killing your soon-to-be-ex wife, but maybe it’s in the Apocrypha.

 This, while sad and pathetic, and completely expected, isn’t what I wanted to write about. It’s the response from his fans (okay, I was shocked they had “fans”) regarding his arrest. The twitter responses range anywhere from “She deserved it”, to “wait until we hear all the facts, poor Tim”.  Because hearing all of the facts will certainly make solicitation to myurder your wife a more sensible choice compare to manning up. But what do I know?

You can see them here:


 They aren’t so much a Christioan Band, as Christians who happen to be in a band, and there’s a difference. Thier lyrics aren’t exactly pastoral, and the venues they play

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