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Making A Movie Is Hard, But Not As Hard As Math

This weekend I engaged in high level Movie Stuff that required me to think like a producer, and sell like an agent, and act like I knew what I was doing. There was research and number crunching and formatting that when it goes smoothly, it never filters past directors and producers. It was as exhausting as it was exciting, and I know only good things can come from it.

I had interesting conversations with interesting people this weekend and you’ll allow me to be vague when I say passion drives the artist regardless of profession. Spirited, heated, surprising and the dreaded double twist ending. It effectively killed my Sunday, and I was up very late making it just right, but I was happy to get my hands dirty in the entrails of the movie-making process.

Never let anyone tell you that making a movie is easy. If they feel that way, they aren’t involved in the gears and the sharp bits. Everything I learn on this project can only solidify my foundation for my next project – I really want to do the Apocalyptic Western.

I do have other pictures I can show you from our scouting trip to New Orleans in January. We found a perfect street with an alley for one of the final scenes. We only had cell phone cameras with us at the time as we wandered beneath wrought iron balconies just trying to take it all in, but we had the prescience of mind to grab snaps and jot notes. If you know the story and have read the script, you’ll recognize the scene and what awaits when night falls.

Back to final revisions, and I think I’ve got a new short story with a barmaid and the goings-on in her sub-basement. I’ve been listening to Jim Butcher’s Side Jobs, and I know I have a certain character that could use a few extra adventures while I tidy up her main tale.


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