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If there’s one thing Facebook has done for writers it’s made us neglect our blogs and websites for the instant gratification of social media.

Nearly everyone I’d originally connected to on LiveJournal, Blogger, and innumerable webrings has a Facebook profile, an Instagram site, and we have conversations without ever having to leave the site. I no longer spend hours surfing the webrings of various blogs and websites finding tangential webrings and connecting to new bloggers. Now I can spend dozens and dozens of minutes scrolling down down down, hopping into discussions (arguments), liking pics and rolling my eyes at the same meme shared over and over again.

God, the memes.

Facebook is a closed system. We see in the moment thoughts and feelings of very specific people, and now even everyone we’ve connected to. We no longer search or find new people to read and interact with because we already have connections with 300, 400, 900 people (and many of those people we don’t even like. Sharing is instant and maybe there’s a sentence or just a word “THIS.”

It’s easy – too easy.

Truthfully, I kind of hate that. I miss the blessed solitary confines of thoughts in a single posts without little buttons asking me to check in or tag people announce exactly what I’m doing.

MontiLee is feeling 😇 while 🏃🏽‍♀️ to the 🚽

It’s a little … much.

I miss typing out long posts and not being concerned with how many likes or shares or if my mom is going to see me swearing (again). I miss the joy of writing without someone raging about the politics or the subtext or complete strangers mansplaining.

Now, I’m not saying I’m gonna be posting here more – because lies make Baby Jesus cry, but if there’s one thing my blog has always done for me is get me writing and get me thinking (okay, two things). Some of my best ideas were discovered blogging about weird news. My novel, The Caretaker came from one of those capsulized News Briefs you see in the columns of newspapers (remember those!).

If you miss me and needed to see me at least once a week – fine my writing on Film Obsession where I talk about movies I’ve seen and stuff I have to giveaway – who doesn’t love prizes! Recently I’ve seen FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDLEWALD and I’m about to give away some cool BABYLON 5 swag From Comet TV and CHiPS branded sunglasses from Charge! Tonight I’ll be at the MGR Grand Digital Cinema in Troy to catch the Press screening of GREEN BOOK. I haven’t heard great things, but I’m keeping an open mind.


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