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It’s an entry I;ve been meaning to write for a month now, and now that we’re well into the new year, let’s just get it out.

I’m declaring 2011 the Year Of Me. If you don’t like it, kindly have enough common sense and courtesy to stay out of the way. 

I spent a lot of 2010 being accommodating. When prudent I kept out of the way, my thoughts to myself, and my tongue stilled. There were those instances, and I can think of three involving the same group of people where I absolutely had to say something and get involved because actions being (or not being) taken) offended my delicate sensibilities. I got called a lot of things in 2010 by people who in the greater scheme of things, mean as much to me as an ant colony in a neighbor’s backyard. If you’re being an idiot and it only affects you, go with God and boink right off with your ignorant self. However, if you’re being an idiot and it affects a group of people personally and professionally, yeah, I’ll say something and you’ll get all butthurt. You’ll also say things to others that aren’t true, you’ll lay down half-assed plans, you’ll try to sabotage honorable events and use passive aggressive tactics to gain people to your side. You’ll be a dick, and like all dicks, in time it will require more time than reasonably necessary to get you to anything resembling useful, and then one is left to wonder – is that it?

Yeah, it is.

See – that right there is the kind of thing I’m moving away from in 2011. If some small minded individual wants to fixate of me for no other reason than it gives his or her hamster a wee wheel on which to run, so be it. This however is the only warning I’ll give – I don’t care that you have a problem with me or the way I do things. You will however give me a wide berth because I will no longer go out of my way to be nice when confronted. Step to me, I’ll crush you. Put your finger in my fae, I’ll make you bleed.

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