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The PassageThe Passage by Justin Cronin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

11/12/10 – Read by Scott Brick. This was a recommendation as Justin Cronin wasn’t even on my radar, but I can tell you, 4 hours in – I’m hooked.

12/03/10 – Good Christ, this ended with a sucker punch. Despite what you here, this isn’t a vampire story – sure the “virals” only come out at night and drink blood, but if that’s your criteria for vampires, your world is sad and pathetic.

This book is the beginning of an epic – a trilogy from the sounds of it – and while it begins in a future not to distant from our own, don’t get too comfortable, as we take a 100-year jump to when things really get interesting.

Justin Cronin gives us the pertinent points of the story. The stuff you don’t need to know about gets set aside. You need to know that there are 12 men from death row, now the subjects in experiments – and as all things run by the government go, something goes wrong and the world ends.

100 years later we meet the survivors of the survivors, and we see how life restarts from the leftovers of the time before. We see how they cope with endless daylight, the constant attack of the virals, and the forced isolation of those that remain.

It’s incredible and heart-breaking and I’m looking forward to the later books.

Scott Brick reads the version I listened to. 39 hours of amazing bliss.

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