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This is some kind of rich.


Why does this matter to a nobody like me?

A$2.99 for not only an 80K work, but another 80K in extras and interviews.

Which means if someone like me wants to publish a book with no extras, I’d better offer it for less. He thinks this is great for the consumer, but as a writer and a reader, I can only say thanks for devaluing the rest of us.

160K of words for $2.99 – what’s wrong with it? Why does digital have to be so inexpensive? Why can’t it be work more for all of the effort that goes in to 80K? Authors spend a lot of time promoting and being seen to sell a few copies, because let’s face it – it’s not an easy get writing full time. But he’s making .56 a copy! Yes I can see how that’s preferable to

Letr’s set aside cost for a second. While there are a lot of techies out there, and a portion of those techies love to read, your average consumer still like a paper book. Frankly, I love both, because I love to read. If fortune hadn’t smiled upon me with a family member that works for Sony, I probably wouldn’t have a Reader. Which means I wouldn’t be able to enjoy “Draculas” because the idea of taking my laptop into the tub to read a book sounds kinda stupid, and falling asleep in bed with my laptop on my lap is uncomfortable. Maybe I have poor eyesight, maybe reading a screen for long hours gives me headaches, maybe I’m just not rich enough to read.

O do love my Sony Reader PRS-300 for it’s portability and it’s ease of use. It’s another ool I can use to read some of my favorite books.

They wrote it in 8 weeks. Seriously? As NaNo gears up for another frenzied November many writers are reminding peers that just because it was cranked out in 30 days, it can’t be considered ready for publishing. , At the same time other place

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