You can buy me again!

I’ve been waiting to announce this for a few weeks now, and now I can.  YAY!

I mentioned this a few months back that Hopper Comics (the very first place my work saw print) was launching a mature line of comics under it’s not quite born Black Frog imprint.  The flagship for that imprint will be RE-Bound, a not quite re-issue of that original comic with a rumored bonus story by someone who is as awesome as she is beautiful!

Sez, Hopper:

We are currently in the midst of deciding the new cover as well as adding a new story to our re-launch of Bound, soon to be guessed it! RE-Bound! We, here at Black Frog are very excited about the relaunch of this four-story horror anthology that sold 500 copies in its first release. Stories written by: MontiLee Stormer, David Hayes, and Aaron Fitzwater.

Go peep the potential new designs at the site, and for those who haven’t ever laid eyes on the original amazing artwork for my tale, your chance is coming up again.


This is a fantastic cover, but now we make way for the future ...


4 thoughts on “You can buy me again!

  1. I still have my original copy, but I’ll have to get this version as well. And you’re mentioned first in the author’s list in the blurb! Hopper are casting with the biggest bait first. 🙂