WordPress 2.5.1 Upgrade- Not so bad

Really, these things are easy if you bother to backup and follow the instructions.

I only really forgot which theme I was using and really almost screwed up the whole kit and kaboodle.

I really hate the Dashboard though.  I think it’ll be a little hard on the eyes and I’m getting old.

I am.  Quit laughing.

0 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5.1 Upgrade- Not so bad

  1. The new Dashboard does take some getting used to. And is it just me, or do you find that when you type something into the Dashboard search engine to try to locate a specific… anything, really, and it always, always comes up with zero results? I have better luck finding stuff using ‘Shouting etc etc’s search engine. There’s gotta be a plugin for that somewhere.

    Bring your laptop when you next come round. We’ll trade sexy backend notes.