w00t – Teh b3wb13z r paying off!

Starting off day two at $2,215.00

Good morning! It’s another day at the Blogger Boobie-Thon and we have some new rack shots which will be making their way to you here momentarily and we also received a few donations over night. We are currently at $2,215.00! Thank you all so much.

Our volunteers are standing by to record your donation and edit your rack shots.

Here is to another great day!!!

Boobiethon 2008

Much to the dismay of a few I am not on the free-to-view pages. So sorry. Thought I’d give myself the gift of shameless vanity.

Greetings to those of you surfing from Rob Callahan’s blog. You don’t need a hint as to which one is me. The usual identifying markers are there except the necklace is different. There’s no more pent, only a key.

Happy hunting.