Updates and other minutia

Discovered this weekend that I can assemble anything from IKEA while drunk and watching bad French horror movies.

There is a Lush store in one of my local malls, however I cannot currently procure my favorite soap without ordering it online through eBay as it was a limited edition Christmas scent. *sobs*

No, the second rounds of LBB haven’t been lost, they’ve been under the seat of my car. (me= twit)

When I get home tonight, I’ll be required to install this lighting fixture, preferably before the sun goes down, as there is currently no light in the kitchen. I will be quite sober since the wiring in that place is already dodgy and I’ll need all avalable faculties to keep from tumbling off the stepstool and putting out my own eye with a screwdriver.

The return of two of my favorite shows tonight:Heroes and Studio 60.

Movies seen this weekend:

Underworld 2 – Evolution
I was sure I had more to say