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  • 11:59 I can’t drink coffee while reading It burns my sinuses. #
  • 00:46 Watching Fear Itself on NBC. Can’t tell if it’s a poorly written episode, a poorly acted episode or a bad combination of both. #
  • 02:49 Fear Itself: Dumbest. Episode. Ever. Who writes this crap and who paid for it because someone got ripped off. And then we all lost an hour. #

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I’m going to go into depth with this episode of Fear Itself.  It was beyond aeful, and it’s no wonder people regard the horror genre with such disdain.   It was an awful, awful piece of drek and I want to talk about why it sucked so bad.

It irritates me how bad it was and that it got aired at all.  If this is the kind of crap that NBC plans on airing, I will take pleasure in ripping it apart every week.