Trying to organize these – whaddya call em – thoughts

It’s a rough day for me.  I feel like I need more sleep, which I could easily get, but I have bands coming in tonight, so I don’t want to be too over-tired.  It’ll hot as it is.  I really want this rain to blow through and cool things off.

I’m behind on my Bar Nights, and I’ll remedy that soon.  It isn’t that there hasn’t been enough going on, but the last few weeks have been real sketchy, especially since getting back from Minneapolis.  There were discussions about my role at the bar and what’s expected of me – most of which was really news to me.  I was informed of the powers I have and what I don’t and finally after weeks of snarking and sniping (on his part, not mine) things are more or less back to normal.

We’ve got bands from now until August booked every week: Frustrations,  Birthday Suits (From MN), Tyvek, Plexi 3 (from Milwaukee), Lobotomys, STEVIE, Phallus Uber Alles, The Retainers (From MN), Potions.

I’m going to be so tired come fall.