This is the quick and dirty synopsis from the program book

This has been a very busy two months for me and while a lot has happened, the idea of sitting down and rehashing it all makes me very sleepy.

I attended CONvergence in St. Paul over the Fourth of July weekend and met and mingled with incredible people.  I sat on panels and was generally well received.  Most of them were recorded, and while the picture quality could have been a bit better, maybe I can lift the sound.

My writing group underwent some major restructuring and just when I thought things were going to get easier, I find myself the a Treasurer and Events Coordinator, and now the Head Editor for the tri-annual magazine. Yes it occurs to me that I can’t possibly do all of that and still finish the writing projects I have stacking up.

And with the last few weeks being one thing after another, I haven’t been terribly hot to rehash all of that happiness. How about we just stick to the stuff that was fun without being too exhausting.

Did a pub crawl with Scott Sigler this past weekend – and by pub crawl I mean we hit the Rock on Third in Royal Oak and crawled from the bar to tables as they became available. I do like that writing events not only draw avid readers, but fellow writers and the conversations at the tables. He read from his latest book, Ancestor and played perfect host in a bar where lots of people came out to see him.

Sunday did a charity walk with the Dead, which is be understood that I and select members of GLAHW took part in a Sunrise Fun Walk/Run held on the beautiful  grounds of Mt Olivet Cemetery. It benefited the Make A Wish Foundation, and despite the fact that I’m hobbling around on a re-injured, not completely healed broken foot, it was a beautiful morning, and my cane is awesome.

Proof that I attended all of these events exists and I’ll get links to pics and blogs when I get home this evening, including names and the usual charm and wit you’ve come to expect from these pages.

One thought on “This is the quick and dirty synopsis from the program book

  1. One word:


    As much as the group appreciates all you do, the world needs you to keep working on your writing projects.

    Yes, by “the world” I mean me. I’m just a little full of myself today.