The work so far …

For the longest time I’ve wanted a tattoo like this. I knew I wanted a double helix of rose vines and I wanted them swirling around my spine. I knew it would be pricey and I knew it was probably gonna hurt.

I was not wrong on either point.

I let Ed run with the details. It’s coming along nicely. We started the inking three weeks ago and continued the shading today.

The shading and 3D work are just blowing my mind.

Yes, it was painful, in fact I waved the white flag at the 2-hour mark today and we’ll pick up when I return from New Orleans. It’s still tender but it’ll heal. I did have a nice little adrenaline crash afterwards and slept for a few hours warming up. Lesson learned: eat something.


Not nearly the giggle you'd imagine.

This ink is being done by Mr. Ed at Royal Oak Tattoo.