The Sign Sees Into Your Very Soul

I’ve seen handmade signs all over the Metro-Detroit area for a few years now.  In the City they are all kinda inspirational – “Put Your Life With God”and “Repent”, “Sinners Never Taste God’s Love”, etc…

Generally they are made from the bottoms of pizza boxes, Little Caesars to be precise, since the pizza is cheap and the boxes are white and waxed.  They stand out, they are durable, and they take a black China marker very well.

Then the signs started popping up in my neighborhood  – personally I blame the Central Free Will Baptists – and they say things like “Trust Jesus”, “Believe”, “and a new one that says, “Rock On”, which had to have come from the Lutherans up the street.

I see them for a few days, and then someone from the DPW, or someone else with a thing for proper signage penmensip, comes along and takes them down.  The signs aen’t a road hazard, don’t hurt anyone and they aren’t as much of an eyesore as the garage sale signs that never seem to come down despite the fact that the sale is over and the property long since dulldozed to make room for a parking lot.

Then I saw this one driving home one night.  I sent it to RJ, since this is totally his mantra:

 Be The Sign

The signs have wisdom, folks.  Be the sign.

0 thoughts on “The Sign Sees Into Your Very Soul

  1. ‘Sinners Never Taste God’s Love’?
    If I were the one who came up with that phrase, I’d go with something like ‘feel’ or ‘experience’, as ‘taste’ sounds.. ahh.. kinda perverse?

    And ‘Be a Dick’… that’s my mantra at work. As is, apparently, every client I speak to.