The Glory of God is Intelligence, but Not Like Science and Stuff

… also, I can’t help myself. I try to stay out of the political fray (except when it comes to local politics) because really, how I ultimately vote is my own business.  Having said that, some news items make your mouth drop open in utter disbelief.

By now you’ve heard that Mitt doesn’t understand why windows don’t roll down on airplanes. That sound you hear is the  flushing of hundred of thousands of dollars of a Brigham Young and Harvard University education committing ritual suicide.

I’ll give you a moment to grab your head in pain.  Damn that Science for getting in the way of Darwinism!

It’s a comment you might expect from someone who’s lived a sheltered life, unencumbered by the heavy burden of education and basic Earth Science, not from someone who claims to be a powerhouse in managing companies and lives well off the interest of his investments. I know Cranbrook has the Institute of Science. Too bad Gov. Romney never visited it.

Of course, now Confused Mitt is a meme, because that’s how the Internet reacts to appalling ignorance – by mocking it until it dies of shame.

Here’s my entry.  Be free little meme. Make your momma proud.

Confused Mitt
Mitt would like to talk to the architect regarding some modifications because this travesty will not stand.