Someone stop me

Problem the 1st – I’m a writer. This itself isn’t a problem but it lends uitself to the general disarray of my mind

Problem the B – I lose things. This is a problem. I have five novels spread out over six notebooks, two computers and two flash drives and two SD cards.

Problem the III – I have on my wall at home the chapters written out and stuck to the wall so I can glance up at a glance to see where I am and what I need.  Clever and low-rent,  but with the fan going and me using cheap tape, I’ve lost a few pages.  Thre are large gaping holes where my chapters used to be and it’s just depressing.  No, I don’t want to look under the couch.

I’d like to have all of this in one portable place, preferably not on my harddrive, but a portable flash would be nice. 

I’ve heard some intersting things about various programs – Rough Draft, Liquid Story Binder, PageFour, yWriter (which I thought I could like, but … no). Other than Word and maybe other other word processing programs (OO, etc) what does the Anal Organized Writer in you (shut up) use for organizing pages and pages of novels and short stories?