* sigh*

I wish WordPress had an autosave function built-in (as opposed to one you have to install).  I did have a lovely post in progress, but due to my inability to not have ten windows open while checking ten different things, FireFox took exception to someone’s blog post on MySpace, and tits up it went.

Not to get traffic to my board or anything, but I did want to mention that with all of the other things happening latelt that have made me feel especially nice, I was told the other day that the tone of a chapter I was working on was Gaiman-esque.  I haven’t read a lot of Neil Gaiman, but what I have read has given me a new way of thinking about writing, and it was nice to hear it. (and I’m shamelessly pulling people who track him to my site *waves to the nice people*)
(In the interest of full disclosure, I have listened to Coraline, most of American Gods, part of Ananzi Boys, and I have seen Mirrormask in it’s entirety)
For those wondering what’s in the writing pipe, Part Three of Sea of Hats, my Edmund story (exactly one of you knows what I’m talking about), a Bee story – completed but in limbo because I don’t know if it’s still game on, and various chapters of Never and Isle of Shadows. I have several stories out for submission, so good luck to my babies and may you be devoured honorably.

In the meantime, while I get myself together, please check out the Peudopod.org horror podcast located in the bottom right sidebar via rss.  I’m not sending you there just because I’ve recently submitted something, but because I really like hearing good horror read aloud, and I thought you might too.

This wasn’t so bad – my last post was kinda whiny anyway.

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  1. You’re right – all of the short stries should have a ubernym.

    Edmund isn’t enough of a paragraph to warrant a *nym* yet, but soon. I need to exorcise a demon for someone and I’m doing it through the written medium (exactly one person knows what I’m talking about).

    Because, you know, I don’t have enough unfinished projects yet.