Seriously, wtf?

Can someone please tell me why the sudden influx of hits to this picture:

Forzen Babies in Punch

As for some background. Years ago for my sister’s first baby shower, I had the conceptually brilliant idea to have little plastic babies born in the punch bowl, or people’s cups. I thought – how effin cute, babies being born right before our eyes. The “Awww” factor would be nuts!

My heart was in the right place.

My fatal mis-step was the choice of punch.

The punch de riguer amongst my sister’s in-laws is a mix of Hawaiian Punch and Canada Dry (I hope I’m not giving away any family secrets). Because my Bridal Shower Tea Party went over like a lead balloon with that group, that with the tea and finger sandwiches, I decided to go a little more down home with punch and wings.

Still, babies encased in ice floating in hemorrhaging amniotic fluid didn’t faze me until someone pointed it out. I believe the comment was, “Why you got those babies in blood?” It gave me the giggles, and creeped some people out. I had to fish the babies out before some people would drink it. We still had a lot of punch over.

Anyway – why are you people here?

Is there a link somewhere I should be aware of?

0 thoughts on “Seriously, wtf?

  1. LOL. That’s fantastic. I wouldn’t have thought of it either, unless (and of course it was) someone pointed it out. I may have to pull that sometime.

    ‘Course me and my roommates have more of a thing with Jello, rather than punch (Thanks, “The Office”) My roommate gets annoyed when I put HER stuff into jello, but she never said that I couldn’t put anything else there…

    But of course, now that I see this with punch, the apartment is going to be full of cooky antics. LOL.