Oh, I forgot to mention

I don’t want to talk about how horrible it is – much like the first screenplay I cranked out in about three weeks – but you know what?

It’s done.

“The Messengers” is steampunk horror (because it amused me to do so) about the battle between Angels Above and Angel Below, and the one Angel who stands neutral against both fronts.  Find also within a Serial Killer who  makes his victims say “dirigible” before killing them.  I know every steampunk novel has to have a dirigible in it, and that was the only way one was getting into “The Messenger”.

This is by no stretch of the imagination my best work, or even my best work with a closed head injury, but it’s done.  Mostly.  I got to the 51800 point and called it done.  I will mostly likely consider it a trunked story unless I’m feeling froggy and need something to pad the resume.

And I don’t think I’ll ever be that desperate.

However, we all know the first screenplay I ever wrote, the one I cranked out in three weeks, is a forthcoming novel written with my writing partner, Rob Callahan – so all is not lost.  There is hope for Bliss (Iblis) The Unshaken, and Theodore The Gentleman, who wants to be anything else because he’s so blessedly bored.  One day they may walk among us again, with better dialogue and a cohesive plot without the fear of switching genders every few chapters.

See you next year, NaNo.

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