Necrotic Tissue #10 – Featuring “Flytrap”

Yes – Necrotic Tissue #10. The cover is pretty cool, no? Available for sale the 1st week of April, 2010. Be the adoring throng I know you are, and buy up as many copies as you can carry. Make me proud.

The cover's kinda cool, no? Really draws the eye...

There are other awesome peeps, too – as soon as I have a full TOS, I’ll post it.

3 thoughts on “Necrotic Tissue #10 – Featuring “Flytrap”

  1. Debating getting a subscription just to make sure…

    All right, so you will be signing these at Motor City, right? You should probably set up hours when you’ll be available. I’ll bring the velvet ropes.

  2. I call the spot next to you at the table!

    Thus begins the epic battle for the spillover sales (to people who have been standing in line for an hour to get your autograph and maybe a photograph as well.

    Prepare to hear this: ” can I take a picture with you?”

    A lot.