My, where does the year go …

Happy Birthday!

So again, the Earth has made it around the Sun (or in this case, my sister) and it’s it time to make your  tributes of SoCo and Marshmallow peeps.

This is my sister, Lisa, and I can provide DNA to prove it.

Lisa Bo-beesa

These are the patterns of my life – she is the same age as my collaborator (I’d like to link to his page but he’s so damn popular it won’t hold a charge), they  both walk with a cane, and they are both in a race to see who can get a new liver first.

I kid  mostly about the liver. My sister would totally kick his ass.

There's food in here? But what will I do with all of this salt and lime?

Please wish my little sister a happy birthday, for she is old – way older than me, but I love her so.